Spring 2016:

Chemical Biomarkers in Aquatic Ecosystems – GLY 6932

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Origins, fates, and distribution of organic compounds in contemporary marine pelagic environments as well as in recent and ancient sediments. Applications and biosynthetic pathways of key chemical biomarkers across a diversity of organic compound classes. New approaches in analytical chemistry and instrumentation currently used in measuring chemical biomarkers.

Estuarine Biogeochemistry – GLY 6932

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An overview of the biogeochemistry of estuaries around the world, with particular emphasis on the impact of global change on these dynamic highly productive systems. The class will begin with an introduction on the geological formation of estuaries followed by linkages with the hydrodynamics of these systems. We will then proceed with the chemical and biological components of these systems, as related to natural and anthropogenic changes, as related to the cycling of nutrients and organic geochemistry of these systems that function as the interface for element cycling between continents and oceans.


Introduction to Oceanography – OCE 1001

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