Rocky Gator alumni newsletter published Summer 2014: Can Flooding the Colorado River Delta Restore it to Life? By Jean Feingold

6The delta, which connects the Colorado River with the Gulf of California near the Arizona-Mexico border, dried up after dams were constructed in the 1930s so the water could be diverted for agricultural and other uses.Now researchers led by Department of Geological Sciences Professor Thomas S. Bianchi, holder of the Jon and Beverly Thompson Endowed Chair of Geological Sciences, have been funded by the National Science Foundation to work within a U.S.-Mexico water treaty provision to examine the effects of an experimental pulse flood on carbon cycling in the region. Other co-principal investigators on the study are Professors Peter Raymond (Yale University), David Butman (University of Washington), and Karl Flessa (University of Arizona), and graduate students Rory Kates (University of Florida) and Hector Alejandro Zamora (University of Arizona).



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